Update problem - web browser not working after CIS update


I have CIS installed on 2 PCs at home, one of them has only firewall installed, the other one has both (AV+FW)

During the past week I’ve experienced problems after each time updating the software. Each time after an update, I got an option as usually whether I want to restart at once or later. I often choose later as I was always in the middle of something. However, I soon had to restart as the web browsers stop working after the update. I still have Internet Connection, it’s just that the web browsers do not work. I use primarily Firefox, but then I tried IE, it did not work either. Pings are fine, I still have access to other PCs on the network, my torrent client still download/uploading.

First I did not think it was because of the update but after the second update and the same thing happened on the other PC as well, I think it has something to do with the Comodo Updater. My latest version is 3,8,…,477

It’s not a serious issue but being just an update or even a new installation, this should not prevent me from accessing internet or any other applications. Or if it’s the case that a reboot is absolutely required after update then a warning should be in order and there should not be an option for whether the user want to restart right away or later.

I did a search on the forum to find if someone has a similar problem but did not find any, or I probably missed out. Please link me to the correct thread if the problem has been answered or dealt with.

Thanks !

Go to Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy.
Under Application Rules tab, locate your browser, make sure the ‘Treat as’ is Browser. If not, select it and Edit/Use Predefined Policy and select Browser from your choices. Apply on your way out.
You should be good.

Thanks a lot for the quick reply! I’ve checked the first PC and it was set as custom (probably I only allowed it to access internet). I set as web browser. I’ll check back after the next CIS update to confirm if this works.

As a new user, I would be grateful if you could explain. After updating I have a sign “Comodo application is not running” I also seem to have a new Icon Comodo safe surf v which was not there before the update. When going into the advanced/networksecurity policy/ should I change all Edit/use preferences to “browser”? I can’t get the application to work at all although diagnostics tells me there the application is fine.