Update problem high cpu


I’m using COMODO Internet Security Premium Free and it worked great until 2 weeks ago. Now every time the antivirus is updating cmdagent.exe keep my CPU at 100% . I try to end the process from Task Manager but it doesn’t allow me to do so! I can’t do anything else on my PC.
The only way I can stop it is to restart my computer.

Can you help me? I don’t know what the problem is. I have the latest version and I’m an old user of COMODO . I haven’t installed anything on my PC lately and I don’t have any malware.

Are you using On Access or Stateful AV setting? Try to use’ Process hacker’ to terminate cmdagent.exe as it can stop it if you really need it. Boost your PC power maybe? Free up some space. Try to check for errors?

Yes it was On Access. I don’t have any errors and I have enough space. I’m sorry to say this because I’m an old user of COMODO but I had to uninstall it because the update and cmdagent.exe was blocking my computer. I tried a fresh install but had the same problem with the update so I had to let it go.
Now I only have the COMODO Firewall.

Thank you for answering !

I know for fact as I had it before On Access setting can do some wild things with CPU on any PC. Don’t ask me why. I had this problem myself. It play up time to time. So changing to statful setting helps a lot. Well let’s hope they will sort this out in v6 for you. :slight_smile:

Do you remember if anything changed on your system two weeks ago that could explain the change? What hardware and OS are you on?

Nothing changed, nothing installed…like I said I’ve been using COMODO for a long time without any problems until one day when during the update cmdagent.exe kept my CPU at 100%, blocked my system. After restart the same thing happened. I’ve uninstalled it and delete everything from COMODO and put a fresh install but had the same problem when updating the antivirus.

I had to uninstall it. Now I’m only using the firewall with another antivirus.

Thank you for answering !

Firewall and defense+ :slight_smile:

On older hardware the AV of CIS is on the heavy side of loads I have noticed.