Update Problem - Firewall rules changed

Hi All,
New here but a user of Comodo Firewall and now BOClean. Had a problem updating and have been chasing all the threads that relate. Use Win2K pro but a home user.

Tried all the suggestions but none worked. Checked my firewall logs in the router and it appears the standard Firewall rule for FTP (20,21) was the problem. I found the logs indicated that the once the connection was made BoClean used another variable outbound port (42622 in my case) to complete the download. No idea if it is my set-up only, not qualified to know!

I added another rule that included the single ftp server IP address indicated in the logs for all ports and it appears to have solved the problem immediately. My 2p worth!

Hi Bodger,
Welcome to the CBOC forum!

I haven’t had to hand jive my rules as CBOC is one of the first applications I install on a setup and I haven’t had any problems so far.
That said… this is what it looks like here under Firewall/Advanced/Predefined Firewall Policies/FTP.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Add to that:
Firewall/Advanced/Predefined Firewall Policies/Trusted Applications
“Allow all Incoming and Outgoing Requests”.