Update Problem Comodo Firewall

I do not know were to post or how to use the forum very much, but here goes.

Commodo Firewall Version 4.1.150349.920

Yes I presently have Commodo Firewall Version 4.1.150349.920, and it works great, but when I upgraded to Version 5.0, it caused all kinds of problems, especially with incrediamil and all my email clients which they would not work, so I uninstalled it, and went back to version 4.150349.920.

I yet tried it the second time with version 5, and same results, so I will stick to the 4 version which works well, and I like more the white shield rather than the new red shield.

Please fix this problem soon, or get another version made, so I can upgrade, and so that everything works, and if you have any ideas why this version is not working correctly, which I have windows 7 premium, let me know.

Without knowing what the problems are there are less chances of it getting fixed of courseā€¦:wink: