Update Problem - Comodo disappeared and I can't install it again

Good Afternoon everybody.

I’m new around and need some help. I automatically updated my comodo firewall and soon after it the software suddenly shut down. I rebooted the computer and realized that the firewall didn’t start automatically as usual, than I clicked the comodo desktop icon and receveid an error message indicating that the shortcut was pointing to an inexisting program. By checking it out I discovered that the cpf.exe was deleted and therefore the firewall was no longer working. To solve the problem I tried uninstalling it using the windows uninstaller but to my surprise the program was no longer available in the uninstaller program list.

So I downloaded a new version and tried to install it but a new error message appeared saying that I already had a version installed and need to uninstall it, but even clicking OK to uninstall nothing happened. The next step I tried was to manual delete all folders and files regarding Comodo and use 2 different programs to erase all register information. After doing that I tried again to install a new version of the software but again the message was that I already had a version installed and need to uninstall it before doing anything else.

Bottom Line is that I need help to figure it out if there’s a way to insure that’s nothing left of the old version in the windows register that will prevent me from installing a new version. It’s been a week now and I really don’t want to install another software different than comodo and I also don’t want to format my computer just because of this error.

Someone ?

Thanks in advance.

Download Regcleaner, install and run it and remove the Comodo related keys. That should do the trick. The installer won’t see the old Comodo anymore.