Update or not? What's the official word from Comodo?

Hi all,

I’m currently on I get the popup that an update is available, the tray icon says it’s installing, but then nothing happens and I get the popup again a few minutes later. After reading the posts about update problems, registry edits and other issues, I’m left a bit confused as to what’s going on.

If I’ve read right, Comodo is planning a “fixed” update next week?

I ask because I’ve recommended CPF to friends and family, including my non-computer-savvy dad – he’d be overwhelmed with registry and services and such. Should I just recommend they click “No” to the update and wait for the fixed version?

I just can’t find anything official from Comodo on the forums about the situation. Thanks very much for any insight.

(Also, is there an actual issue with CPF and slow boot times? I’ve been swearing every PC I have has been taking forever to boot the past few weeks.)

you can also simply uninstall the current version then install the new one.


But surely this will then ‘forget’ all the ‘learned applications’ and then the firewall will have to re-learn?

You can export your firewall rules from registry. then after install import them again.
There was a post about it that explained how to do it. fairly simple…


This goes back to what I said about recommending CPF to non-PC-savvy family and friends. One of the great things about CPF was its ease of use for novice users… but novice users probably won’t know how to do all that, or will be intimidated by it. Or even be on these forums to find out they have to do it.

So if someone has CPF installed, like 2.2.x or whatever, will it not be able to update itself? Will all users need to do the registry backup, uninstall, etc? Or will the upcoming fix allow CPF to update to 2.3.x automatically?

The updater does have a small bug which will be fixed next week so updating is not going to be an issue.
Also in v 2.4 (next version) we will have an ability to save settings/rules etc… so that you will never loose your rules.


Hi Melih,

I just wanted to throw a note here. I ran the installer before uninstalling my other version, the new version uninstalled the old, kept my settings and activation after the restart with no problem. Now that I read this, was this supposed to be? I have been telling others it will keep settings as mine did. :o Am I simply having TOO much luck with CPF? lollll?

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We have fixed error 108 during update, had a problem on our update server side. It has been fixed on Sep 04, 2006 at 7:30 GMT.
Please try to take updates again.