Update? or better no Firewall at all?

I use comodo firewall since years and mostly i was happy with it
Last time is i was a bit disapointed about the new and ugly apps style GUI
the only solution i had is to use a older version

now this old version did a update and the new ugly wannabe hype GUI is back :frowning:
i could cry!

but thats not all
i never got such a woerse update ever before by any one!

the windows 7 64bit PC got slow, so slow that i had to reboot with the powerbutton
the classic startmenu that i installed did not realy react any more and soon after that also the desktop it self refused any reaction and then the mouse did not move any more

so i thoght if i restart my PC a few times it may will get better again
i thoght so because 1 day before i did install comodo on a friends PC
his PC also got slow until he did cry :)) and after restarting some times he said the PC became normal again.
so i did the same but it did not work at my side

after i rebootet the PC it realy was better … the start up tool very long
and then the comodo firewall crashed
the diagnosis said there is a problem that could not be solved
then the PC did work better than ever before! the PC was fast and did react and the internet did load fast … and also a other problem was gone that came from the old comodo firewall version “power driver failure blue screen”, this is gone together with the old firewall version
but now again i did restart the PC
now the reboot took ages again, and again the firewall did crash, so i started the firewall from the start menu
now it did crash again some how, a pop up came and said something about problem diagnostic x%, at the same time the firewall did start in the background and said all is well and then the diagnostic tool said it cant fix the problem
that is strange … some how the firewall is crashing, the diagnostic stuff pops up and there seems to be no problem and at least the GUI is working?
how ever the internet was very slow … to load the comodo site it took 15 minutes!
so now i downloade the firewall again (this was hard) … the download it self was like normal, but to load each site took a half night!
now i thoght i will uninstall the firewall reboot and then install it again (not just update)
so i uninstalled the firewall rebooted two times the first one the PC was may a bit confused and the start up process took a while, the second time the PC did start perfectly :smiley:
so i reinstalled the firewall again
after the install all was fine, all did work well, just in the FW GUI was a yellow message “i should reboot the pc to compleete”
so i did reboot again, ahhhhrrrrr
again it took time to start and then again firewall crash, diagnosistool starts up, i start the FW from start menü, FW GUI comes up, diagnostic tool finds no errors, what shall i say? i can just laugh
but now again each site google or comodo 10 to 15 minutes to load!
now this time i go to this settings stuff some where in this ugly GUI
there is something about blocked sites, kind of hosts manager (?), now i did turn this stuff OFF, and wow, i am able to load the comodo forum even google and every other strange site and there is no site which takes longer then 10 seconds to load :smiley:

now from all this stuff i some how get a picture…
comodo did work well for ages
now every one has a iPhone and iPhone apps are cool as windows 8 is with all this strange fancy stuff
now comodo thinks they must be fresh and cool going with the flow targeting the youth, comodo must expand, yesterday for your PC, today for your iPhone, tomorrow for your fridge
they (you) spend, what is it?, a year on a new fancy GUI? and the first time this was avaible i remember the echo because i my self was part of it, i can remember 100 postings against this new GUI and honestly i must say i cant remember one posting in favor of this new great super iPhone GUI, there was not even a networ view, and i my self did end with a downgrade because of the GUI
now i get this ugly GUI again, this time with network view, but this time the FV it self is not even close to working
crashing with out problems but starting (?), starting but turning the internet into unusable by slowing it down (i guess it is the status between totaly blocking and fully open)
so a well functionable product got killed by stupid fancy stuff on the cost of functionality!

who ever this new CEO is comodo should fire him or her, better yesterday then today!

there is some old computer rule “newer change a working system”, what can the new GUI do that the old GUI could not do??
if you like to change it so at least let the people choose, like winamp classic or modern, but no just scare every one away, that is the way to expand the company :wink:
a other question that rises up in my, how did this omega.version (cant be beta) leak out to the public, just some actual postings in the forum are telling it all!
and the last question that rises very strongly… “nothing is for ever”, after years with comodo its may time to look out for a other product, comodo seems to be willing to grow in the style of FB or google, the aim seems to be to get the FW on every computer and iPhone, next will may be a Mac version and then the firewall for your TV and fridge, all of thoese companies as we learn today will end up in some NSA office mostly sooner than later :frowning:
so from this point on it maybe like the last sign, like the last hidden warning in the system, it is as comodo would speak to us between the bits and bytes “go, go away, go before it is too late, things are changing”

so before i waste some other 3 nights on this recyclebin version of the comodo FW i may better spend 1 night on searching for a good alternative
may firewall builder and the windows native FW could help out, or maybe there is a other more functional than fancy product?
i would say i am open for sugestions :))

just to compleete the posting
i use wind 7 64bit, avira AV, the netgear genie stuff (did work with the old version), i use wlan connection, i did update from the last non fancy GUI to the crapy GUI and then deinstall and reinstall the crapy GUI again, result slow internet until turning off site filters, crash at startup with out error in diagnostics but still starting, slowing the pc 700% down, in the woerst case the PC halts

Do a clean install of the newest version and it should be fine. Upgrading causes many problems, thus this is likely what happened, possibly even nod antivirus blocking some files in the comodo upgrade from being installed properly.

I’ve had similar problems with the new version as JMC, and I have done a clean install twice now and think I’m giving up as this is a real pain.

I’ve used Comodo for years and have never had problems like this new version.

So right now I am using Windows firewall until I find a better replacement, how sad is that ! :frowning:

I’m using Win7 Ultimate 64 and Avast antivirus.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates the update. It ■■■■■■■ my machine up too. I spent hours getting back to a working state and it ruined a day’s work for me. Maybe it’s time to ditch comodo, they’re going the way of many other companies, making things worse by changing things that work.

Yup, loads of problems here too - slowwww startup/shutdown/login/logoff, error on login saying the security agent could not be started, doing really weird stuff with my DNS (no internet access) - it’s buggered good and proper >:( >:(