Update of Comodo fails

I am using Windows XP and the free single user Comodo. Updates for Comodo are identified, I start the update and it gets to 2% downloaded and the download then stops. No error message. I have tried disabling anti virus(AVG) switching off all Comod firewalls etc and I still get the same result. I have also tried manually getting the updates with the same result. Always stops at 2%.

This only started a couple of weeks ago and to my knowledge I have not changed anything that should create this problem. I have been using Comodo for a few years now with no problem.

Any Ideas?



We tried to reproduce your problem with the update, but the download completed properly everytime. Maybe there’s a problem with your internet connection or network adapter driver, we tried on multiple computers from different locations and it worked fine.

Thank you for your support

What is the installed version of “free single user Comodo”?

I too have had this problem, this was due to a firewall problem

CIS accesses many Ip address to update

hi guys,
always stops at 2% is gloss. cmdagent.exe update for you comodo is now .

I also tried to update this morning and I got to about 30% before it failed and would not update anymore. I tried again at about 3:00pm mst. and it said that their were no updates to download!

What version of CIS are all of you using?