Update, now have Yahoo everywhere...

So, I’ve been a die hard Comodo user for years. I’ve set it up on every single one of my friend’s computers, and have recommended it to anyone for anything, going as far as to send them the link from your CEO posting in the forums about why Comodo is free. Up until today I even had my boss looking at your enterprise service for our corporate security. Not anymore.

I will never use any single one of your products ever again. I have an uncommonly used server computer, and I turned it on today to be told that Comodo has an update. I told it to go ahead and update, and then Google Toolbar told me that my IE search settings had been changed. What it didn’t tell me was that my Chrome, Firefox, and DNS had been changed as well.

I want a program that will undo what this update did to my computer. I am not going to spend hours searching for the 12 about:config keys that were changed in Firefox, or delete all of my user profiles across all browsers and start from scratch because you guys can’t properly code an update. This is pure bullrubbish* Comodo. I didn’t get a screen with a checkbox asking my permission or anything. Just an update yes or no prompt.

I am a very dissatisfied customer, and even if I only use a free service personally, I have gotten many people to install and use it as well. Now I look like an ■■■■* because my friend’s computers have been essentially taken over by Yahoo powered spyware.

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What update was there today?

It’s an uncommonly used game server. Probably hasn’t been turned on since January. It updated to version 5.12.

As you were updating to 5.12 you should have had this agreement notice. screenshot

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Nope. Had no window that looked anything remotely like that. Just a simple “Comodo has found new updates, would you like to download and install?” With a yes or a no button.

After clicking yes, the update downloaded and installed, and then I got the notice from Google Toolbar.

Also: It’s a Windows XP SP3 machine, if that makes any difference.

Edit: Well, since it doesn’t look like anyone has any help to offer (other than other users who have been similarly affected) looks like I’m going to be deleting all of my user profiles for all of my browsers. Thanks for the good times Comodo! Now I have to find a decent firewall and antivirus. Anyone got any recommendations? 88)

Double Edit: The last post of this thread says that there was some kind of issue with the 5.10 to 5.12 update that causes this functionality, and that it is unknown if it was ever fixed. Good job guys. >:(

Final Edit: For anyone reading this in the future, when you go to clear your DNS settings from Comodo, they have overwritten the DNS address for EVERY connection on your computer. You need to go into each connection and reset the DNS settings to “Obtain DNS address automatically.” I even had to do this on my firewire connection.

Whenever comodo updates it always gives you the option to view what the update is and what it entails.
People should actually read what is to be installed instead of blaming comodo for their own incompetance.
You hear this time and time again of people complaining saying that this and that was sneaked on to their computer when all that is required is to read the install details clearly.

So next time any program alerts me that there is an update, even if it is a trusted program that may or may not be making up the backbone of my software security, I should always say no (aren’t you always supposed to update in the name of security?) and go online to read the change logs and forums to see if anyone is complaining about bloatware?

There was NO other prompt other than a yes and no. I didn’t get any updated EULA, or any check boxes to untick, because trust me, I always look for the checkboxes.

I would have gladly paid the $3 you made off of installing Yahoo on my system. But I digress because apparently I programmed an update that slips Yahoo into my own computer, therefore it is my fault. :-TD