Update notifications still coming up

Comodo Team, thanks for several modifications and improvements
in the new version 3.5 I have also postulated in my Threads for.
There is still a potential for further improvements.
I believe Comodo Firewall will some time have most of them.
For example a great traffic overview like of Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall.
With columns indicating the current bit rate of each connection.
I can promise to report all other points worth of improvement as soon as
some time available.

I have updated my CF installation from 3.0.25 to 3.5.
But the notifications the 3.5 update was available are still coming up.
Something irritating.

The 3.5 version is CIS - bundle of Firewall with Antivirus.
Update from 3.0.25 didn’t led to installation of the AV part -
at least I can’t see it in the Comodo Firewall.
How is the process of upgrading Comodo Personal Firewal to CIS ?

Hi kaweka.

You may find these can help you:

#1 How can i migrate from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x?

#2 Can I do A Automatic Update from CFP 3.0.x to CIS 3.5.x?

Changed CPF to CIS 3.5 as described here in forum.
Yesterday updated to version from 18.Nov.
“version updates available” still coming up if logged-in on vista as user
with limited access privileges.

Is this any known bug ?
Why are the “update available” notifications still coming up ?
Upgrade from CPF 3.25 to CIS 3.5 made according to manuals from this forum.
Newest version installed, that one from November '08, the 18th.

Hi kaweka

There was an update on Dec 3 to version 3.5.57173.439 see here.



This update was not visible in release notes referenced from update-available notification window to.
Therefore my irritation. Sorry.