update notices, never ending.

today i got an update notice for CIS. after i clicked yes to update, there was a long background installation followed by a prompt to restart the computer. after i did that i got the update notice AGAIN, which again i did, again restarted, and yes… again it told me to update.

any ideas?

It may be a small glitch;
Is there any performance/usability issues other than the notice that there is an update?

What version are you using?


none that i noticed.
this is the version:


I’m getting the same thing.

??? :-[ :-\

i don’t get the “updates ready” messages anymore but instead i now get the updater icon showing up every few minutes until the entire program just crashed with a “send report” error thingy. do something!

I’m also getting the updater icon appearing in the systray over and over.

XP/SP3, av component not installed

My version number is current and if I try updating anyway, it says I don’t need to.

I am getting the same thing as mataku, same version installed.

I’ve got to say, I’ve had this installed for less than 3 months and this is the second major bug I’ve seen (the first being the missing Trusted Vendors). Pretty basic stuff, too. Really starting to make me wonder if I should switch back to ZA.

Will welcome a fix.

Oh, and update your release notes page.

Are you using multiple accounts on the computers?
There is a known issue with Comodo Message Center that involves multi-user (fastswitching) cause.

No, have never used fastswitching.

My guess is the updater isn’t recognizing the current version as most recent due to a Comodo server config issue, or it is seeing the wrong installed version locally, probably due to a registry key issue. In fact, I just looked at the registry and found the key path HKLM/Software/ComodoGroup/CDI/1, key “Product Version” has the old version number 5.0.32580.1142, not the new version number 5.3.175888.1227. So there’s a clue. I’ll change it and see what happens.

EDIT: tried the check updates again and it still wants to update, so that probably won’t solve it. Also looks like I missed a digit in the old version above (32580 should have 6 digits, not sure what is missing, but should be irrelevant).

Hi there,

I have the same issue, and there is only one user account on my computer (running Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit). I hope that Comodo is looking into this. It is fairly annoying to have the update notification every time I turn my computer on.

(Just to confirm details, the about screen says I am running version 5.3.175888.1227. And yet when I run an update, and click the update details, the most recent version according to the webpage that comes up is 5.3.174622.1216 dated 29th December.)

The release notes are always one version behind. The latest version is 1227.

i had a crash again last night (while i was away from the computer and torrenting, who knows what i was exposed to :-). I never had any crashes before the last update. please fix this. I’m already considering uninstalling the program, and i really don’t want to.

Can you describe the crash in more detail? Did you get a blue screen? Did one of the CIS application’s crash: cfp.exe or cmdagent.exe.

no blue screen, just a pop up window comes up saying something like “comodo encountered an error and might have to close” then there are “send error report” or “don’t send”. It’s not the normal windows error sending window, but seems unique to comodo. Pressing ‘send report’ shows another error that it failed and the dump file was saved somewhere (don’t remember where). Note that after that error, all the processes seem to be working, but the computer becomes unstable (I can’t get to windows control panel and eventually explorer windows also stop responding. i can’t even restart the computer normally since it just stays on the desktop picture without ever closing down windows, i have to press the reset button)

Click on the Start → Run and copy-paste this:


Attach dumps to the post.

is it safe to post it publicly like that? does these files have any private information about my computer?

Dumps contain no private information.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Well it’s nice that someone else’s unrelated problem is being checked into, but nothing from Comodo on the original problem that is the topic of this thread? Is the final answer to uninstall and not look back?

EDIT: just realized the OP is the one with the new problem…but still…come on Comodo…