Update my Firewall

Hi Everyone.

I’m after some advice please

I have Comodo Firewall version. 3.10 102194.530

In the highlights box its asks me If I would like firewall Pro a new version.Is this free to install?
If It will… Do I need to uni stall this firewall? and will it keep my settings? because I have everything set up I think,

Thank you all for help and time.

Ive posted this in another forum on here too. I wasnt sure which place to post my question sorry.

similar topic deleted :stuck_out_tongue:

How do I find the similar topics please?

the .530 is the latest version.
the CIS Pro is the paid version.

you can trace your posts on your profile:

  1. click your profile button (it’s located up there 88))
  2. click show posts on the profile info box on the left

Actually, .531 is the latest version. :wink:

ooops sorry, my bad :-X
the latest version is indeed the .531.

@ track5: i think when there’s update available, there would be a baloon message on bottom right of your computer prompting you to update.

now excuse me, gotta find some sand to bury my head in 88)