Update keeps notifying of updates even after update installed

Hi, running Windows 7 64 bit, and have recently had CIS notify me of updates almost on a daily basis. Ran the updater (even though I was sure I had already updated) and the status suggested 100% complete. Next day same update details shown as ready for install.

Am I missing something here?

Do you have CIS 3.14… 586?

Back to back update of …587 has now been released. You can check it out here :


So, probably it is not a bug but an actual release if you have .586 version.

ah ok missed that one, pity the update details page has not been updated as fast


It is best to check the Feedback Announcement Comment and News board when the firewall reports a new program version. The official page is always behind.

When you are on .587 do you still get the update notifications?