Update issues?

I can’t find the thread that I posted on the other day but at the time(is there a way to find it??) There was an issue where the CIS didn’t update for 2 days over the weekend and I was just wondering what caused it.

Currently it’s been 12 hours since my CIS updated. Normally it updates in a shorter amount of time. I have it on the default settings for updates. I was just curious if there were still issues concerning the CIS not updating.

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Are you talking 'bout FW update or AV? Not aware that FW updates very frequently if at all. AV updates every couple of days at least. I don’t believe AV updates over the weekend though.

The new v7.0.x does incremental updates every hour or so, but AV defs still won’t go out of date for a day or two if updates aren’t auto.