Update issues.

Hello all. Before I start this thread, I must point out that I understand nobody in this Forum is in a position to make sweeping changes to the way Comodo Firewall operates, Im just hoping someone who can will see this and maybe address my issue.
Every time Comodo Firewall notifies “updates available” I cringe, because I know afer the update Im gonna be left with a Comodo folder in program files thats roughly 255MB, so I uninstall-reinstall the Firewall, over and over after each new update, and after that Im back to a roughly 60-ish MB folder, (so whats the other 200MB for). Can someone somewhere address this issue, I really appreciate the product and wouldnt consider using anything else, but this is really annoying.
I use the Firewall only, and am running XP SP3.
Again, I know this Forum is an (excellent) community based help group, just hoping someone on the development side sees this, or if anyone has had this and has a fix, that would be great.
Thanks for the rant ;D
If Im wrong and the Comodo (Firewall only) folder should be 255MB then I apologise, but would have to wonder at that size ???
Thanks again,
Techdunce :slight_smile: