update issue

Well I’m new to this firewall. It seems good. I’m having an udate problem though. When I try to uptade it says I don’t have an internet connection. But I am connected. I can browse the web and all. I wonder what’s wrong.

I am having the same problem. Even if I uninstall comodo and install a previous version it says I am not connected when trying to update. We can’t be the only ones having this problem

I’ve posted in a different thread but I too am having the same problem and it makes no sense to me, it’s as if the program doesn’t even try to update before saying “You don’t appear to be connected to the internet”. It’s very strange, very frustrating and renders the program almost unusuable as in this day and age firewalls and anti-virus programs need to be kept up to date.

If anyone could help I’d appreciate it.

I fixed the problem myself. You see when I formated my pc. I installed Opera cause it’s my fav browser. I’m using cable connection. I noticed the firewall says it uses the Internet explorer settings to connect. And since I didn’t even used IE. I didn’t had a connection or not an official one anyway. So I went to the properties of IE and in lan settings you can put autodetect settings. That’s how I solved it. So then I got an official connection to IE and to the firewall. I wonder if it’ll work for you. It’s funny cause I still could browse the web and all before I did that.

I solved this problem only by allowing cpfupdat.exe invisible connection attempts. I also don`t use IE, only Firefox. Maybe this would also work for you.

Hey, you never know, you have seen the twighlight Zone haven’t you? Why were these 5 people chosen not to connect for updates, we’ll find out in the next episode of…The TWIGHLIGHT ZONE. :wink: At least that’s what things feel like sometimes, i’ll grant you that. Seriously though, go to application monitor and make sure Iexplorer.exe isn’t blocked. :slight_smile: If it is, let me know.


Yes, it really looked like The Twighlight Zone. IE was allowed, I had no problems browsing with IE. The only thing added on the computer was Nokia PC Suite and a bluetooth connection. So I thought CPF updater was maybe trying to connect through bluetooth personal area network. But it wasn’t the issue…So I tryed and enabled invisible connection attempts for cpfupdat.exe and that solved my problem. So more about this I’ll find out in the next episode of… The Twighlight Zone. :wink:

I just tried setting cpfupdat.exe to inivisible connection but that did not fix the problem for me.

My laptop has 3 different ways to connect (VPN, LAN, Wireless) and only the LAN is currently connected. Could it be that Comodo is attempting to use a different connection type for updating?

Comodo updater uses Internet connection settings set in IE to connect to Comodo server.
Whenever you get error like following:
“System does not seem to be connected to Internet! Please check ypur Internet connection settings, if you find it working please try to disable and enable network adapter to see if it works out.”

It means WinInet API finds that computer is not connected to Internet.
All we can suggest at the moment is to disable and re-enable adapter and try again.

In our next update, we may take out this check and we can get actual error if there is one.

But we don’t think “Allow invisible connection attempts” option in application rule has anything to do with this issue.