Update Installation File Logs Appearing in Temp Folder - Minor bug

Everytime aComodo Antivirus/Firewall product update is installed a file named cmdinstall.exe_yy-mm-dd_aa.bb.cc.log is created in folder C:Users\UserID\AppData\Local\Temp (yy: year; mm: month; dd: day.; e.g. : cmdinstall.exe_19-07-08_13.29.14.log)
These log files are quite small (typically 1.71 K .7z file or 7.73 K in text format). See attached file.

Comodo AV version: 12.0.06818.
OS: 64 bitWindows 7 Home Premium.

It stated last week, after an alert from Comodo AV informed an issue was detected and asked if I wanted to run Diagnosis. I ran it and was informed issues were detected and could not be repaired by Diagnosis module.
Removed using ciscleanuptool_64 and reinstalled Comodo AV by downloading Offline installer and running it.
I can remove these .log files, but they come back when I click on Latest update in Comodo Advanced mode panel, and a new update is installed or automatic upadating occurs.
I have never seen this behavior before(previous installation of the same Comodo AV version did not behave this way).

This is normal :wink: