Update icon CIS


The first to congratulate you on the quality of the product in several years I’ve used it I never had big problems.

The only thing that is annoying are updates, I have 5.10.228257.2253 version on Windows 7 64 bit and when I go to “Find Updates” tells me that the product is updated, but occasionally I get an update icon in the corner bottom right next to the “Windows Action Center,” to have to double click away, to give it a click with the right mouse button shows no option to upgrade and disappears, I can hardly get update, until one day I have luck and work with the icon and select I want to upgrade…


When CIS is updating the program or is looking for updates of Trusted Soft ware Vendor list it will display the icon you noticed. That is usually no longer than 5s. There is no need to click on it. If there is a program update a balloon message will appear.

In short. Just leave it unless a balloon message tells there is an update.