Update how to stop the alerts

Just updated to version 7.0.315459.4132

I am getting lots of alerts on my windows 7 in which i have installed the update. Norton AV keeps on and since I did not allow all my av and antispyware from Norton is turned off. Before i install on this vista what setting of HIPS does not get all the alerts and yet is secure

Safe Mode. HIPS Behavior Settings, Comodo Internet Security | Comodo Internet Security v7.0

You may also want to exclude Norton from Comodo and Comodo from Norton. I don’t know if they play nice together.

safe mode give the alerts and comod o has messed up my nav whch now thinks it is expired

Are you using the TVL, Trusted Files and have you done a Rating scan? Otherwise HIPS maybe a little noisy even on safe mode without them.

TVL no.I do not see any place to exclude norton. I only have the firewall not the comodo av. Also sneaky comodo preticked send usage stats even though it was unticked in my previous version One of these days comodo will b e getting the boot from my pc