Update from comodo v10.2.0.6526 problem black screen.

Comodo automatically updated today. I noticed it made a restore point.

After updating it caused my screen to go black in Windows 7 32 bit and only my mouse cursor was visible.

I pressed Control Alt Delete to get Task manager which came up OK, but the background still remained black, so restarted. After restart the same error occurred.

I restarted in safe mode and restored the restore point, and all working fine.

I am now back in v10.2.0.6526.

Any suggestions? Should I leave updating for a while until maybe a few mini updates may have cured this?

Can you run the updater and check the logs what version is being offered to update to?

When I click on “Tasks, Update, check for program updates - Updates Available” I get a URL:
The highest available version is shown as Version

If i click on “COMODO View Logs - Today” it states:
Last Update: 10/5/2018 5:14:29 PM
Program version:

There is no update other than one binary file they ship to users for Comodo Dragon to work with CIS. In order to get the latest CIS version you need to uninstall and install using the installers from the release topic.

That’s odd, as I keep getting the following pop up:

“Comodo Internet Security
Updates are ready to be installed. Would you like to install them now.
Yes / No / What’s New?”

And it was after updating from this pop up that I got the black screen issue which is now fixed by using a system restore in safe mode.

It doesn’t matter that you get the alert for an update, you would get that if you modified or deleted any file belonging to CIS and ran the update task or it was checked automatically on a schedule. The only thing that was changed was an additional binary as explained here, and CIS always creates a restore point during the phase of applying the update.

Same experience over here (Windows 7 64 bit). Yesterday CIS auto-updated from/to and after next reboot my screen went black except for the cursor. For a fix also did a system restore.

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Can you please provide this two files from your system and upload in any online storage and share us the download link.


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No such logfiles in C:\windows\syswow64. Also no stopservice.exe, stopservicelauncher.exe (both files dated 04-09-2018) is located:

c:\Users\All Users\Comodo\Cis\Quarantine\Temp\TempFiles\stopservicelauncher.exe

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If you have any issue in boot after latest CIS update, please refer here and follow the guide to fix the issue.

Please provide your feedback, if you have any issues. Thanks in advance.

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