Update from 5.x to 6.x


What can i do

Can you explain me the steps please

Uninstall v5.
Install v6.


I mean export the settings

If you want to transfer you V5 configuration to V6 then you can:
a) Download V6 and then UPGRADE (don’t uninstall V5) and then go to the configuration in advanced settings and enable the V5 configuration file, or
b) Wait until the auto-update for V5 to V6 comes live (I think expected time is the 20th however I am not sure and it might be pushed up as it has been before)


Thank you very much

This is more than likely to give you problems because the configuration is different. If you want to export your settings, it would be best to wait until V6 is pushed to V5’s automatic updater.

I forgot to mention that, thank you HeffeD for pointing out that very important point! :-TU