update from 17.3 to 17.4 through CD did not work

This is feedback. The attempted updating through CD itself did not work. A download occurred but CD showed no progress or other download indication… until user-chosen relaunch. Then clicking the Relaunch Install button did NOTHING. Finding the downloaded setup file and trying to launch that began a “…checking…” routine which never finished, so no setup file ever opened.

I then restarted the computer and used Internet Explorer v 8 to download a fresh copy of DragonSetup.exe (link provided several days ago from one of the CD Members on the forum). This file did run when dowble-clicked, and the installation did occur, apparantly very well. This feedback is given through use of the now-installed version 17.4.1 Comodo Dragon. This was an over-install for update 17.3 to 17.4.1, without any separate uninstall.

Hi string_game,
To me this sounds like a corrupted or interrupted automatic download of the exe file.
If this happens again please check C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Temp folder for a partially downloaded DragonSetup.exe, if found please delete this file and try auto update again.
Also don’t close Dragon after auto update is set into motion.

Agreed download progress indicator during auto update would be a good idea especially those who have a slow connection .
Kind regards.


The update flow for the manual update is the following:

  1. Dragon detects an available update and notifies the user through the yelllow notification bar.
  2. When the “Download” button is clicked the download starts in background.
  3. On completing the download Dragon informs the user again through the yellow notification bar.
  4. When the “Relaunch and Install” button is clicked all Comodo Dragon instances are closed and the silent installer is launched (there will be no visible progress since the install is fast - under 30 seconds - may take longer on slower systems).
  5. When the silent install is completed Dragon should relaunch automatically (as indicated by the “Relaunch and Install” button).

Looking at the information you’ve provided here and in other posts, the setup appears to be corrupted upon download (or there is something on your system which keeps it from completing its task).
Please check the size of the downloaded “DragonSetup” in %temp%, if it is still there. You should also attach the “dragon_updater.exe” log files found at %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFoler. (attach all the log files that have “dragon_updater” in their name as there may be some older ones as well).

This is from one of your first posts on the update issue:

Please try to remember if you did any changes to your system when this problem began to manifest and add a list with the security software you have installed or used since then.

Also, if the issue presents itself in a future update, remember to update this thread so we can easily follow the progress.

Thank you for your support.

I am attaching those files you asked for. I have deleted all but the most recent DragonSetup.exe installer, whiich I used to perform the latest update directly, without doing it through the browser. No idea why trying to run the installer downloaded through the CD process did not work. I made no system changes.

Anyway, someone can look at the zipped files which you asked for and analyze.
File path on this system is C:\Windows\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder, as you said.

[attachment deleted by admin]