Update Frequency

Just installed CIS 5.8 and I do not see any setting for how often CIS checks a new virus data base. Most av’s its on a frequency of every 2 - 4 hours. Can someone please explain to me what the update frequency is. Thanks.

Hi MaximusDM and welcome,
If you have Automatically update virus database ticked in Real time scanning settings it will periodically check every 30 minutes.

Thank and yes I have those settings. What happened is that about 8 hours ago I left and the data base was checked for updates around 1:30 pm. Came home and it still said 1:30 pm. And an hour later still said 1:30 pm. Now does CIS work like NIS? It checks for updates about every 30 minutes but unless there is an actually data base to update and download the time doesn’t change? I manually check for updates and now the time has changed.

I would expect it to have changed if it had checked for updates, sorry I am not sure and hopefully someone can confirm this one way or the other.

I have watched mine this afternoon and yes the time did change even though the DB didn’t.
Another way to check is in the Event logs, More, Tasks launched events.

Ok thank you. Got that. Any reason why there is no option to change the update frequency like most programs?

Configurable update frequency/schedules has been asked for numerous times in the past and I don’t really know why it has never been added.
I cannot find any recent requests for this in the wishlist, but I for one would vote for it again.

This happens every once and awhile to me, but 95% of the time the update is registered (the time changes) so it isn’t a problem.
If you want you could open > More > Preferences > and tick - Show balloon messages

This will give you a little pop up every time CIS “learns” something - as well as when it checks for an AV update.

You’ll probably un-tick this after awhile, but it will put you worries to rest - it is checking.