Update frequency?

I have just started using comodo products and was wondering about how often the Firewall is updated?

A firewall isn’t like a virus scan were there are regular updates. The only time there are updates is when a new version comes out.

We do have monthly updates on CFP 3…

But yep as told… When they are out… they are out. :wink:

I love updates! (L) (L) Haha

yes Comodo launches updates regularly, in fact they update the most of their product far more often then the competition… This is because the development team is continiously bussy with improving their products!

Still, I think it’s way too slow. :frowning: Sorry COMODO for saying this. I know - COMODO’s development team is busy with CAVS 3 and CIS and god knows what more. :slight_smile: But a lot of minor features and fixes could be implemented right now. Just to keep us busy. Can’t COMODO release BETA versions of CFP 3 more often ? We would test them - report the bugs and COMODO could make a better product while developing them, not just listening to complaints after the release of them :slight_smile:

Regular users can use official releases, but beta testers would be more involved in the process. If COMODO listens to the users - that’s the way to go ! (V)

That’s the way it’s always been :stuck_out_tongue: