Update Forums To SMF 2.0? Or at least SMF 1.1.18 to fix security issues.


Any plans on updating these forums to SMF 2.0 ? After all 2.0 is the stable version.

From End of life of SMF 1.0

“We highly recommend a migration to our 2.0 series as updates for the 1.1 series is limited to security updates only.”

Sorry if it has been asked before, search did not show anything relevant.

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I would hope so eventually :slight_smile:


Well since you guys are not going to update to SMF 2.0 any time soon.

You better at least update to SMF 1.1.18:

Simple Machines has released a critical security patch with version numbers: SMF 1.1.18 and SMF 2.0.4.

A few critical security issues have been identified in the two maintained versions and are fixed with this update, therefore it is recommended to make sure you update your forums immediately to ensure your community is safe.

Source: SMF 2.0.4 and 1.1.18 critical security patches released

Comodo forums are A little out of date. But still these are excellent forums.

Comodo will switch to 2.0 but there is no ETA. The update to 1.1.18 has been requested by the mods.