Update forcing me to use Yahoo as my homepage and search engine??

Comodo prompted me to that there is a program update, clicked ok and the update window popped up but it won’t allow me to continue without allowing it to set Yahoo as me default search engine and browser, why is it forcing me to do so?

I know if can always change them but but its a little annoying that its forcing me to do so, I love the software its probably the best internet security suite out there but come on guys, don’t force stuff like this on us.

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Press ‘Cancel’ to continue.

Oh, haha that’s a little confusing, I just selected the checkbox and installed it :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll keep this in mind for the next update, thanks offchu.

yeah, kinda misleading when it happened during an update. It looks like you need to accept this thing to update, when in reality it’s just to install the toolbar.