Update for V3

Comodo V3 updated this morning when I checked Diagnostics it said a problems been found & couldn’t fix rebooted & XP alerted me that I wasn’t protected so had to revert XP back anyone know what’s wrong with the major update?

Are you getting errors? If so, Try rebooting one or twice. If there are no reporting errors, Well as the old saying goes:

“If it’s already broken, don’t try fixing it”


This is a flame at 3xist. Apologies in advance, but I just couldn’t keep quiet on this one.

Your remarks gave me a miserable gut-wrench. That kind of cavalier attitude toward our firewall behavior is just inexcusable, not to mention scary. If I thought it were representative of others at Comodo and in these forums, I would uninstall (even if it takes all week and a Windows reinstall) and never visit this site again.

CFP seems to be a great product and the price is certainly OK. But it has been plagued by update problems ever since I started using it 2 years ago. That might be OK for some game program or even an office suite, but it is unacceptable for a firewall. Please try to connect emotionally to that concept before throwing out flip responses to non-gurus trying to be responsible in their use of the internet.

Again, sorry for the negative.
Rick Perdue

When it said it can not fix the problem - it should offer to create a diagnosis report. If you attached that file - we could see what’s wrong and give further recommendation.