Update for updated firewall ?

I don’t understand … >:(

What a hell comodo firewall want to update ? - i have popup communicate with update information, so i click on release date - and see that version of my firewall is the same as last release …

??? Anyone ??

IPV6 filtering
The release info will follow later, it is safe to update, as it includes bugfixes, but you can dismiss it if you want.

Whats New in 5.3.175888.1227 ?

FIXED! CIS causes unnecessary DNS queries and update checks
FIXED! AV does not properly validate the revocation status of the SOME certificates
FIXED! AV scanning freezes if rootkit scanning is enabled
FIXED! FW shows too many listening connections
FIXED! AV scanning crashes on some compressed files


Let me guess…
You’re the one of CIS users, who was able to delete “database” folder contents?
You’ll recieve the update notification each time after cleaning that sort of “stuff”.
Check D+ Trusted Software Vendors list… All those guys is in tha place again?
Remove files from “database” folder, check for updates again…

No petr0id, i’m the on of CSI users who worried too much >:(

GakunGak thanks for the info.