Update for Latest Comodo Update March 2016 Bug

I updated Comodo Dragon just this afternoon. I was excited to see some new google features functioning again, but steadily as the day went on the browser became slower and slower. It could barely load pages. Typing is a snail’s pace. I’m having to use Firefox to get this forum post written in a decent amount of time. I have a Windows 7 running system and I’ve restarted the browser and my computer multiple times. The Comodo Dragon browser speed goes up after restarting then goes back down within a few minutes. Firefox runs smoothly and the browser was fast before the update. Now I can’t even use it. Please help! I love Comodo, but not when it’s too slow.

Hi and welcome VGT93,
I would try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’, found under system in Dragons advanced settings.

You could also check Dragons task manager, to see if any extensions are using an excessive amount of memory or CPU.

Kind regards.

Thank you. I believe this helped!

You are welcome.
Let us hope it continues to help and doesn’t slow down after it has been open longer. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.