Update for Killswitch



Please, make the KillSwitch updatable if it is possible.

Now I got 7.0 through internal updater of 6.3 but the KillSwitch stays old. It’s not a great problem for me, but it would be nice to make updating in the KillSwitch itself.

Thank you.

Do you mean that you did the internal update, but that after it you found that the version of KillSwitch was the previous version? If so, does a clean install give the most up-to-date version?

If this is the case then please create a bug report for this. That would be a bug.

Thanks, and I will now move this to the Rejected section as it is technically not a wish. I hope you understand.

Thanks again.

Thank you.

Yes, exactly this.

If other ways won’t help I’ll try to reinstall it.

Actually it’s a wish about updatable KillSwitch not a complaint that KS isn’t updated.
Though I’m not sure if it’s so necessary.

Thank you


I don’t see why KillSwitch wouldn’t be updated with the rest of CIS. Thus, I think this is a bug (possibly overlooked).


Oh, I see. The KillSwitch is a part of CIS, not a standalone app. Then of course this updatability is of not interest.

Thank you.


Not really as I see it if you do not download it which I have not, I would not want it install as part of the upgrade.

If they intend to upgrade, it should be offer as a option to upgrade all extra downloaded software.


It upgraded with my internal install this morning. Perhaps some of the installed packages are incomplete. ???

It upgraded with my internal install this morning. Perhaps some of the installer packages are incomplete.

Aaaaahhh :cry: double post for correcting a misssspeled word. Where is the ‘edit’?

Here we must be very careful as there’s no “Delete” or “Edit” options for the wish branch.

Ok, noted.

I meant installer packages not installed above