update firewall

i m using comdo firewall and using avast antivirus.

how can i update comodo firewall.?

do i need firewall also updated?

The program updater can be found under More → Check for Updates.

The latest stable version of Comodo Firewall is 4.1.150349.920. Look under More → About.


do i have to update firewall everyday as i update antivirus?

It will check automatically if there are updates with default settings. You have to do nothing. Programs updates only come every so many months or weeks. Just wait till it tells there is a new version.


i already have ticked mark in my settings inside antivirus for auto update.

why my antivirus not auto updates. i installed comodo internet security in my 2nd pc.

it does not auto updates. i have to update manually everytime when i switch my pc on

What version of CIS are you using? When you update the av manually does that work or do you get an error report?

Keep in mind that after installation there will a download of 100 MB of av defintions.That can take a while depending on your connection.

i m using 4.1.150349.920

when i do manual update. it works.

but autoupdate not working automatically when i switch on my pc.everytime i have to update manually.

i downloaded 100mb file when i installed comodo.

wat i do. y my auto update not working

Just to be sure. Your AV Real Time settings have automatic update enabled? See the red square in the attached image.

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yes my setting are alrite.see my screen shot plz. ???

still it not auto updates. does popup msg comes if auto update done?

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Do you have Comodo Antivirus and Avast Antivirus both set to scan in Real Time? If so it’s advisable that you disable one of them and only use it for manual scans.

i have only comodo installed in my pc.

and i use that only. i use comodo internet security

I just asked the other mods to come and take a look to share their wisdom and experience.

ok thnk u.i m waiting.

is there any option to repair comodo software?

in avast there is a option to repair it, where all bugs fixes automatically.

How much time do you give CIS before you determine it’s not updating?
It can take a few minutes before it decides to check for updates.

Can you please have a look at the Log viewer to see if it reports errors for Automatic AV updates?
You can find that AV → View Antivirus events, press the MORE button, and go to “launched tasks”.

i give 20 to 30 minutes for auto update.

see below screen shotas u asked me to see.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Looks fine to me, It updates or verifies every 1/2 hour at regular intervals.
This isn’t all done by manual check so it looks good to me.

It just had no updates in this time frame.

Can you write down the current DB version number and do not manually update for a day or so to see if it does update? You can find it on More/Misc → About