update fails - launches quick view plus

I just installed Comodo this weekend; seems like a good product.

Anyway, when the automatic updater runs, instead of connecting to internet it launches cpfupdat.exe in Quick View Plus (a very good universal file-reading program, BTW). :slight_smile:

I’m guessing the problem is that, somehow, :-[Comodo’s updater has become damaged and that I will eventually have to uninstall and reinstall Comodo to fix this (I’m in the course of running antivirus and antispyware of course and so far no problem).

But has anyone else had this (or a similar) problem? Has anyone got an alternative fix or at least a way to prevent this problem from occurring again? In other words, any ideas as to what went wrong? ???(I realize it’s a tough question BTW I run XP and AVG free antivirus (also just installed it this weekend), Opera’s my browser and I use Outlook Express.)