Update fails at 30% and hangs there

About 3wks ago, my computer began to lag, and when shutting down, it says it’s waiting for ‘host task’ to shut down??? I don’t know if these issues are related, but in an effort to find the problem, I realized my Comodo update (anti-virus) halted at 30% and now I cannot cancel, nor start a new update. Each time I hit on update - it comes up with the window showing it’s at 30% and my Comodo Update message says still running!!! HELP - how do I stop this, and why did it happen. I see in the posts it’s happened to others. How do I resolve this issue? Thank you, in advance. :frowning:

What version of CIS are you using? That is the old behaviour when it is downloading. It stays at 30% until the download is completed. After installing it needs to download 100MB of definitions. That can take a while.

I can’t seem to find a ‘version’ number - all I can tell you is I downloaded the free version. When I look at the properties, the file is just called Comodo Internet Security. Details only list it as Comodo Internet Security.Ink.
In the bottom right of desktop - shows Comodo is still running - but this has been going on for weeks!! Certainly it has finished update/installing by now. What should I do? I’ve had this for 6 months, and just in last few weeks have had this problem. I’m running Windows 7 - is it not compatible? Should I delete the program (does it completely delete?) and install a newer version?? Driving me nuts!! thanks for trying to help

Open the GUI, click on the More tab, then click About. This will show you the version number.

(Ignore the virus definition database number in the screenshot, it is an old screenshot)

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Thanks for the reply - I don’t know what the GUI is (lol) - but I tried my best to figure it out…general user information? I dunno! I was able to locate a version number 3.14.6387.584, if that helps. PC is much slower running and pulling up pages/emails, etc. than it had been previously. The most annoying is when I ‘shut down’, it comes up with a window that says EXPLORER.EXE is trying to shut down…then it doesn’t! I can’t get out of there (even hitting cancel) and end up having to manually shut off PC …(not good). As stated previously, it occasionally shows me that Comodo is running - but update window just shows 30% (which leads me to believe it’s STUCK there). I’m open to anything. Computer is only 6 months old - I hardly have anything on it (i.e. pics, music), and memory is 88% free…so …what the heck???
Thanks for any help.

Version 3.x is. Old. Download version 5. GUI = graphical user interface.