Update fails after download DB

I had had problems with CAV but I can solve almost all. But this one I can’t. I decided to install CAV in two machines, because my one can’t update virus DB. One with XP and other with Vista. Same problem in both.
Fresh install of XP and Vista >>> update all services pakcs >>> disable default SO firewall >>> install CAV (ONLY this software) >>> update virus database.

I have a huge connection and after few minutes hanging in 30% finished update and CAV asked me to reboot in order to make this update effective. Do it and nothing happens the same message about my virus DB never been actu…

It happens in my machine and in both that I used fresh installation as a test .

Need some help

Tks in advanced

Try updating the av database again. It is a two step process. Let us know how it goes. What version of CIS do you have installed? Look under Miscellaneous → About.

I saw the same thing after installing this update. I opted not to update the virus DB again because I had just rebooted twice for the upgrade already. (Once for the upgrade, once after updating the database) I just left it alone and sure enough, when the automatic DB update happened, all was well.