update fails 2%

xp3 32 bit Shuttle X 512kb (max on this mothrboard) machine running firewall no
comodo AV version 3.12
update fails with an internet connection failure-check internet message
is this a “swap” problem
just download a new version and reinstall or keep this one?
windows firewall is off
any other way to DL update?

Are you talking about av update or program update? You cannot update the av anymore from 3.12 or older.

If the program update is not working then there are two ways to go:

  • Start with a clean installation of v4.1
  • Install 3.14 and import your 3.12 configuration. With v5, currently in beta, the av definitions updater format and I suppose support for av updates for v3.14 and v4.x will stop over time

When using v3.14 and installing v4 with v3.14 running the installer of v4 will keep the settings of v3.14 (they can be activated under Manage My Configurations).

plz help me,

i have the same problem. the comodofirewall-update fails after 2%.
OS: WIN 7 Ultimate no Comodo-AV only firewall with secure comodo DNS server.
AV: Avira Antivir 9

but i know that i have a working internet connection because all my downloads remains.

there must be problems with the downloadserver, i think but i dont know an answer.

PLZ help me



XcRc. What version of CIS are you using?

thx mod,

installed the lastest version now updates are possible.

thx 4 help and answer