update failed

Hi guys…
I’ve just performed a manual update…everything was ok, but suddenly I had an advise saying that the update was failed…“check your internet connection”…I tried again, cause while updating actually something was being downoladed, but it says to me that the av database is up to date…so I ask you: is the latest database version 5784?

No I had the same thing happen to me. Something is wrong with the bases file. If you go to c:\programs\comodo\comodo internet security\scanners you will have a bases.cav file and a bases.$$$ file. The $$$ file is left over from a bad update. You have two things to try.

First to try is to delete the bases.$$$ file reboot and try to update now. If it works you are golden. If it does not work try the next thing.

Delete the bases.cav and bases.$$$ file. The go to c:\programs\comodo\comodo internet security\repair folder and copy the bases.cav file from there and past it in the scanners folder. Now reboot and download the whole update again. It should work fine now.

Thanks Languy…fixed!!

OT: I like very much your reviews on youtube :wink:

Can you please verify CIS logging “Tasks Launched” and post a screen shot of it?
We’re trying to find out if the error codes and time frames match