update failed

I am in safe mode because of other issues that I won’t get into here. I want to run a scan to see if its a virus causing my problems but Comodo won’t scan unless it updates. When I try to update I get 'Update failed. error code 0x80004002. No such interface supported.
any help?

Ok, I will mention my computer issues, maybe its my firewall causing it. My computer loads Windows Vista64 no problem but when I try to open a program or simply click on Start it freezes. I eventually get an erro message’Failure Security Options’. I googled it and there is lots of info but haven’t found a solution yet. Everything works fine in safe mode.

In the antivirus settings there is an option to update the virus database before scanning. Have you tried turning this off? (There is a setting in both the real time and manual scanning settings)

In Safe-Mode the drivers are not loaded so CIS won’t work.