Update Failed. Antivirus Engine is not Initialized!

Every time I try to either run a manual system scan -or- manually update my antivirus definitions, I get the pop-up message “Update Failed. Antivirus Engine is not Initialized!”.

I am running version 5.0.163652.1142 of CIS. Virus Signature Database version reports as “0” in the About pop-up. Summary tab reports Antivirus database last updated 12/10/10 [at] 4am.

The Diagnostics Utility reports that it did not find any problems with the installation.

I am running 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium SP2, fully updated. This is running on a personally built Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz (E6700) system with 4Gb DDR3-1200+ RAM. There is 38Gb free space on primary (C) drive and 120Gb on 2nd HD. I am also running Spybot Search & Destroy 1.6.2 on this machine. (However, I have run this version of Spybot S&D and CIS on this machine without incident for quite some time prior to noticing this problem.)

I have just recovered my system from a fatal crash that caused the replacement/upgrade of Power Supply, Motherboard, RAM and Video Card. This error was discovered during a thorough system shakedown after recovery from the crash. All other software appears to work correctly and deep diagnostics find no hard drive errors caused during the crash (such as errors in CIS files).

Post crash, I also changed the CIS Anti-virus config from the “stateful” mode to “On Access”. These symptoms were occurring while in “stateful” mode and while in “On Access” mode.

I’ve tried system reboots and manual shutdown of CIS followed by manual launch. The symptoms persist after these attempted remedies.

I wanted to see if anyone can help before I uninstall/re-download/re-install CIS and it’s updates. Any ideas?

As your virus database version is 0 this means the file bases.cav in the scanner folder is missing or corrupt.

You may have a valid one in the repair folder, if not please follow the instructions at the link below to download and replace your virus signature database file bases.cav.


Thanks Dennis!

The replacement of Bases.Cav seemed to do the trick. After doing that and doing the incremental update “About” now reports DB version 7045.

Thanks again.