Update failed: antivirus data base is not initialized

I have read ALL of the threads that seem similar to my problem, I’ve tried all the FAQ quick fixes and still no avail.
I’ve tried the update the base… but i’m now lost. Was a great program… Well still except for the virus protection end

The Program Version is 5.5.195786.1383
Virus DataBase version 0 (Ive tried the fix for this)

Any other info you need?

Just to be to be certain. Did you try Where can i download the latest full AV database??

Yes, bud i spent a good hour and a half searching this forum for stuff to help me. I found lots of good stuff and info. But for some odd reason the tips and tricks i have tried have yet to work so maybe im doing something wrong.

After you downloaded and installed the latest full database did you try to update to download the latest incremental updates? Did that work or did you get an error report?

It updates… but it still gives me the same error when i try and run a scan. should I just uninstall and reinstall the program?

Try a clean installation.

If you want to keep your configuration settings go to More → Manage My Configurations and export your active configuration to a folder that is not part of the CIS installation folder.

Then uninstall and reboot. After rebooting run this clean up tool; then install CIS.

Well I uninstalled the entire program, ran my handy little clean up tool… Did a fresh install and now it works great.

I have the same problem with CIS on Windows 7_64bit ultimated. The AV fail to update after 5-7 days of working. Then I make a clean new installation with new download from WEB one time in 2 weeks, so I am working one week with old AV database. The reinstallation take about 1 hour. I am working with the free CIS version. I would buy the CIS PRO, but where is the warranty that I will not have the same problem. For example, CIS on Win7_32 is working, GOD bless, the last 3 years without any problems.
As a professional programmer, I can say that this problem is a bug in COMODO AV for Windows 7_64 OS, and this bug has to be fixed in COMODO AV software. The users can do nothing in this case to fix the problem. Yes CIS is not bad, but not so reliable, as NIS for example, that why it’s free. A professional can live with it, and not a lot of regular users has Win 7_64 as of to day (the most have Win7_32 or XP).

Thank you for attention.