Update failed and now PC freeze after restart

I received the update notice today and proceed for the update. After installation finished, I restart my PC. However, my PC don’t shutdown automatically and I waited for about 3 minutes and then press the reset button on my PC.(my PC sometimes don’t restart automatically and need manual reset for it to shutdown and startup again). Now when it enter windows desktop again, my PC just freeze up.(it seems the PC freeze at loading comodo)

It is a Windows 8.1 PC.

I have tried a system restore via F1 key to recovery mode. It said restore successed but it does not fix the freeze problem.

I can enter windows desktop on safe mode without freeze up but I cannot uninstall comodo in safe mode.

Can anyone help me to fix the problem?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Entered safe mode and using the uninstaller Tool to remove comodo.
Cannot completely remove comodo but are now able to enter normal desktop without freeze.

A pop-up request me to reinstall comodo.

Now trying a reinstall and see what happen… :cry:

Reinstalled and restarted.

Everything seems go back to normal.

I have exactly the same problem as being under windows seven!
you can detail the exact procedure to do please?

thank you in advance

  1. Download comodo uninstaller in the link below

  2. Boot your PC and enter into safe mode
    How Do I Start Windows in Safe Mode?

  3. Run the comodo uninstaller and follow instructions of the uninstaller
    (I download it using my notebook and safe it in a flash drive, then insert the flash drive to the problematic PC to access the file.)

  4. Reboot your PC to normal mode
    If you are lucky, the freeze problem should be fixed.

  5. Then download Comodo setup file and reinstall Comodo

  6. Restart PC

Hope this help

What version of CIS were you running before you ‘upxploded’

I’m praying to Jesus…


May He answer my prayer that just didn’t blast through v6, v7 and through several intermediate v8’s.