Update fail: -> 2.3


This is wrt the following system:

PIII mobile
384 Mb RAM
Win2k SP4 rollup
default browser: Mozilla 1.7.13

On booting today, Comodo Launch Pad notified me that there’s an update and did I want to d/l it. I click yes. The process died silently. After a period of hibernation (laptop), I powered system up again and got the same notice. I clicked ‘yes’ again and, although there was download activity, the process again died silently.

I did an actual log-out/shut-down and rebooted. Got the notice again and… same results. I then tried the “updater” directly from CPF and got the following message:

“Error 108: Could not complete update process”

A couple of questions:

  1. is there an acceptable workaround/fix for this?
  2. if uninstalling, are there registry or other remnants to be cleaned up?


Hi, welcome to the forum!
It seems there’s a bit problem with the auto updater here.
But don’t worry, there’s a way to update your CPF.
Here’s a link that show you how to update your CPF manualy:
…and about your question no.2, the answer is yes!
Still, there’s a workaround to the folowing situation: