Update error

I got a message saying new updates are ready to download. At 10% download stopped and i see “Error: 0x80030201 - The file download was aborted abnormally. The file is incomplete.”

Now i am unable to update. That message appears all the time. Maybe if i could delete that incomplete file i could try again? But what is location of that file?


Please note ProgramData is a hidden folder.


Should i delete that folder?


Just check the sub folders of Comodo for the file you need to delete it should be in one of them.

Post screenshot if you are not sure which.


The folders that contain files are:

Firewall Pro folder filled with .sdb files
Installer folder filled with bin files and exe.


Cis/Quarantine/Temp/TempFiles which looks like a copy of the main program folder

Maybe I’m in the wrong place, BUT… Comodo have f*cked up badly by using a forum to do their technical support.

Rarely do I need support, BUT when I want it, I have to spend ages sifting through so much data it becomes wearisome.

In A recent update, unbeknown to me, was a nasty little repeating popup trigger; yeah the one that nags you every 12 hours to install Comodo Security.

Since I am perfectly satisfied with what I have already (and paid for), this nagging is not only a pain, but is making me Comodo-hostile.

So FIXIT Comodo, or lose a customer of long standing.

Just a little addition: I have used a utility to change the file “dragon_updater.exe” to “dragon_updater.xxx”; this appears to have killed the pop-ups that have beden nagging me twice a day.

And, by the way, there has been no contact from Comodo about this problem, despite a number of messages being left in sales.

So I gather Comodo is interested in selling, and nothing else.

23 hours until Comodo Dragon is un installed.