Update ERROR

I have a problem with my CIS Product version 3.13.121240.574 This version i have is the current one acording to your web site but the auto update keeps telling me a new update is avalable. I click on update now button and it looks like its updating (updaye icon in the system tray) but nothing happens. about 5 min later it all starts up again.

Please help me with this problem.

First of all there is an update available as I write this. The web page is always behind with this; so don’t believe it…:smiley:

When using the updater you need to tell it to update. When opening from the icon in the systray you will a screen that will tell there is an update; you need to tell it to go ahead.

If you want to do a clean install download the installer from COMODO Internet Security 3.13.125662.579 Released; with new AV bases.cav.

I’m not sure if the link you proveded is aplicable to me or not. I don’t use the Anti Virus portion of CIS. I use the “Firewall w Defence+” only.
I tryed the built in updater and it indicates “updates are avalable” but after sitting at “Installing Updates…0%” for about 2min i get an error message of “Error 109: Update could not be comlpeted. Internet connection got lost halfway during download of updates, please check your Internet connection settings.”---- and nothing is wrong with my connection.

May be the following is of help for you:

So is that link to the update valad for me even though i dont use the anti vorus portion of CIS

It is worth the try. Do make a system restore point before trying this.