Update error

The About dialog tells me I have Comodo Firewall 3.11.108364.552
When I run the Check For Updates function, it tells me there are updates available. After clicking Next it displays a progress bar which goes up to 21% (every time), then it stops for a while and then it tells me:

Error 109: Update could not be completed. Internet connection got lost halfway during download of update, please check your internet connection settings.

My internet isn’t perfect but I can normally browse, download files, or watch youtube videos. What surprises me is, it always goes exactly to 21% (and I tried it over 10 times) so I wonder if it really is problem on my internet.

I even have no problem downloading whole new version of Comodo but I don’t want to reinstall it completely because I don’t want to lose my settings.

From a post sometime ago by Kevin.

Error 109: Connection was lost. CORRUPTED DOWNLOAD! Try again now!

Have you tried running the update at different times during the day?


I have retried it a few times now and it’s still the same - “Installing updates” goes up to 21%, then stops and after a while gives error 109.