Update error


If I would like update the Comodo PF, I see an error message: error code 106.
The meaning of the 106 code: the update server is busy.
But, always is busy? I tried morning, at noon, sundown-always busy.


Hi! From the FAQ section: Error 106

So it seems a bit strange. Now, I suppose (I hope) you have the latest version - It hasn’t been updated for a while. Comodo is working ■■■■■■■ the 3.0 version, so keep an eye on the forum, especially if the update function still doesn’t work later.


Are you using Internet Explorer? If not:

  1. Open Internet explorer
  2. Click FILE
  3. Uncheck WORK OFFLINE

Hope this solves your problem

Regards Cesar

If you’re using Firefox, disable the option which enables Firefox to check if it’s the default browser. It’s located in Tools → Options → Main (at the bottom). After you’ve run the Comodo updater, you can re-enable it again.

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