Update error after 50%


I am recently getting this problem. Comodo says that there is a update available for virus data, As soon as it reaches 50% I get a connection error “Please check your internet connection”? My internet is up and running no issues with that? Helpout here!

PS: This is my first time posting here, I didn’t and still dont know what the hell to put on option area, suggestions please…

I voted none… :SMLR

Try downloading and instaling the latest bases.cav as describe in Where can i download the latest full AV database?.

There seems to be problem where the updater sticks at 51% that can be worked around with the above.

The updater inside CIS is broken? :-\ I’ve been getting this recently, too.

It looks like the Comodo folks found something.

Official Post from Dev’s on update issues:


Just FYI:

Anybody who will apply the workaround will not get the subsequent updates until tomorrow morning (USA Coast Time Zone)