Update Error 106 After Uninstalling then Reinstalling CFP

Last night after updating I uninstalled CFP. I uninstalled it because I thought that by doing so, Comodo Launch Pad would see it. Unfortunately after installing it, it still did not appear in Launch Pad. But my biggest problem now is that every time I tried to update CFP ERROR 106 would occur. . I tried uninstalling/reinstalling it for 3 times already but the same thing occured. I read from FAQ that the server might be busy. I’m worried because when I tried updating again this morning the same error occured. I’m afraid that something might be wrong other than a busy server because the time gap between my last succesful update and my unsuccessful updates (after uninstalling/installing it) last night was about 5 minutes. Is their another reason why I’ve got this message other than a busy server? Prior to this I have no problem updating CPF.

Go to the Application Monitor and find all the svchost.exe entries and changed them to “Ask” instead of “Block”.
You may need to also change the WGATray.exe to “Ask” from “Block”.
Then try running the updater again.


There’s one part that I haven’t added to the FAQ:
In Internet Explorer you have to uncheck the Work Offline option under the File menu (IE6) or Tools menu (IE7).

Something else: Launch Pad was discontinued a long time ago, so if you’re using CFP 2.4 then it won’t work.

Thank you very much for your help