Update Error 0x80040154

Hello there,

I am trying to update my CIS but got the error 0x80040154 (Class not found).
Then I restarted my computer and Comodo failed to start. =S
When I tried to open it manually (Start->Programs->Comodo->…), Comodo gave me an message asking to do a check because an error happened.
After the check, a message said the problem cannot be “autofixed”, log attached.

I am sorry for my bad english.
Please, let me know if you need any clarification.

Have a nice weekend.

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[attachment deleted by admin]

This defintely sounds like something went wrong with the update.

I will move this to the HELP forum, as this will increase the chances someone will stumble upon this and be able to help you get it working again.

For the time being, please try reinstalling CIS by following the advice I give in this topic. This will likely be able to solve your issues.

However, if it does not please respond back and we’ll see what else we can try.