Update download taking forever

I have been using Comodo for about 2 weeks and updates and been short and easily done. Except for today when I was asked to update, (which I did), then an hour later I was asked to do another update, except this time, it seemed to get stuck at cmdagent.exe. I have a reasonably fast download speed, but this was still going 45 minutes later. I closed it down. Anyone have an answer?

As this is a new release, I suspect the servers are a bit overloaded.

However, you mention getting stuck at cmdagent.exe. Was the installer actually at the copying files point? It will download first, then copy the files.

I have the same problem. Copying cmdagent.exe file is the message appearing if I hover over the icon with the descending arrow, but it has been “copying” for the last two hours !!

Further to the last post I’ve updated ok. I’ve had the netbook on hibernate for several days. A restart sorted it out.

I think I have you beat. Started it in the morning before leaving for work. Came back to the computer in the evening, about 12 hours later, and it was still chugging along.

However, the updater was monopolizing the CPU the whole time, using close to 100% of the processor. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!! What the hell does it do, spin in a busy loop?