Update did not go well under VIsta Ultimate

Tried to update Comodo and upon reboot I got the attached error message and can not get comodo in the systray now via the App Menu to start up. I tried running this command from the comodo directory but it could not find the cfpconfig.exe although there is a cfpconfig.exe1 but that will not run from the command line in VIsta. Nothing happens.

I did get Comodo to run by telling it to keep the old format settings rather than trying to convert them which is what was causing the above error.

I just checked for updates and told it to download them. I then got “Error 112: Unable to copy file: cfpconfg.exe. Please contact support.”!

Serial Number shows Invalid License!
Version is

[attachment deleted by admin]

Well so far 29 reads of my post and no help. Wonder if another uninstall of Comodo is the best solution? LAN firewall is no longer functioning properly either.


Your version is old enough that the updaters weren’t working properly yet. Download the latest 3.0.21 version from the Comodo site and do a complete uninstall and reinstall. You can try using the new installer to uninstall the old version, but may need to go to the procedures in https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/comprehensive_instructions_for_completely_removing_comodo_firewall_pro_3_info-t17220.0.html if it doesn’t work corectly.

Actually fixed it by other methods… by exiting Comodo, right mouse click on comodo in apps list and did a Run As Administrator (even though the account that was being used was an Administrator account all along), disabled the firewall and defense +, checked for updates and applied them this time I was prompted to reboot and it seems to be working.

Sounds good. Whatever works for you! :slight_smile: Let us know if there are futher problems.

With UAC running in Vista you have to also Run as Administrator to submit files to comodo,run scan,export config etc. (anything that requires administrator rights)
You can do this from a limited account.

I will give that a try, as I get this at the moment when trying to update…


Thank you, thank you thank you “Frustrated” that worked a treat.!

Running Vista Business 32Bit here, and following your advice above, finally enabled update to complete.

Thanks again


Does a reinstall fix your problem?


Its fine now, did what Fristrated did above, and all is well now.